Having An Eye For Design Is A Gift

Graphic designers are highly specialized people. Good ones don’t come by the score. In the past, the graphic designer would need to be able to draw. They would have committed their concepts to paper and it would have taken hours of painstaking work for them to create a concept for a logo or a marketing piece.

Today programs like Illustrator and Photoshop mean that most people can produce something without the ability to draw, and even if they are really bad at it, someone, somewhere has put a how-to video on YouTube and if you follow the steps exactly you can create some pretty amazing things.

Of course, the thing is what they are creating is a copy. It is not original and that’s why you need a graphic designer. No matter what the marketing material from a brochure to a trade show exhibit displays conroe tx if you want it to have panache you will get a better result if you work with a real designer.

There’s much more to it than putting a bunch of words on paper nicely.  Have you ever noticed how graphics catch your eye and others pass you by? That is a result of the designer’s abilities. They understand the interplay of space. It is everywhere. There is the correct spacing of words on a page. There’s the correct amount of white space – or space where there is nothing, which is essential by the way. The effect of what there is doubles by the spacing around it.

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This is a thing you have an eye for, or you don’t. You can learn to recognize it when it is good. But the really exceptional designers simply have a gift. They might not even be able to explain it, it just is.