What are Weightlifting Straps Used For?

A weightlifting strap is a device used to help people when they are attempting to lift heavy weights. They are mostly made out of canvas or leather, and they act as handholds for your hands when you are lifting. The straps are wrapped around your hand and then around the bar, giving you some extra grip and taking the tension fully off of you.

If you are trying to deadlift a certain amount of weight, you need to focus on getting that weight off the ground, and if it gets too uncomfortable to hold then you don’t want your grip giving out. The speed straps allow for your hands to be protected and keep your grip strong, so you can really focus on moving the weight around. While they are a good tool, you shouldn’t force your body to use them all the time, because then your hands become weak, and might get injured when they hit the bar bare.

But they are good if you want to focus on strength and not grip, although don’t let your grip strength fall behind if you are having problems with it. Sacrificing grip for strength is never a good idea and could lead to some major injuries or gaps in your development, which no athlete ever wants.

speed straps

When looking for some straps, it’s a good idea to test out multiple pairs and then buy multiple pairs of the strap you like. No one wants to have their straps break and not have a pair on hand when they are really needed. Keep testing straps out and try to talk to a coach about ways to strengthen your grip naturally. That way you can keep your grip up to date with your strength as you work out.